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Clear Quartz and Sandalwood Gemstone Bracelet 8MM

Clear Quartz and Sandalwood Gemstone Bracelet 8MM

Clear Quartz




Beautifully hand-crafted bracelets by Heather. All bracelets are made with genuine crystals and gemstones hand-picked for their healing qualities. Each bracelet is made with intention and care from the very beginning. A lava or wood bead is always placed allowing the wearer to add essential oils if they choose. A gift sure to bring love to the wearer!



Kids less than 6.5”

Extra Small 6.5 inches (wrist size under 6 inches)

Small 7 inches (wrist size 6-6.5 inches)

Medium 7.5 inches (wrist size 6.5-7 inches)

Large 8 inches (wrist size 7-7.5 inches)

Extra Large 8.5 (wrist size 7.5-8 inches)

XX Large 9”+ (add. $2 per .5”) (wrist 8” and larger)*


*Please contact Heather ( for XXL size bracelets.


  • Care

    Crystals carry the energy from you and your environment. I always recommend you cleanse and recharge your crystals at least monthly. Full moon is a great time to charge your crystals.....and one of my favorite ways to do so! As far as cleansing, you may choose to use the smoke of Palo Santo or Sage.  There are many other ways to cleanse and charge your crystals but always check if you’re going to use water, some crystals and water do not mix, and I don’t recommend harsh soaps ever.

  • Returns & Exchanges

    I do not accept returns, exchances or cancellations.  

    Please do contact me if there is a problem with your order.

    Please contact me if your bracelet breaks so we can discuss options.

  • Disclaimer

    Gemstones and crystals are considered by many to be an irreplaceable tool for finding wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. Please be advised that although crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries to support the wellbeing of the wearer, they are not a replacement for your qualified health professional’s care. If you are experiencing health concerns, worrisome symptoms, or are treating a condition please use a qualified health professional. Please be advised the information on each crystal is for education and is not medical information. Do not use this information as a reason to disregard medical advice. I do not recommend you contradict your healthcare providers advice. The information on each crystal is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases.  I am not a medical doctor. If I, Heather, owner of Humble New Beginnings, answer questions about the appropriate crystal for your concerns this is information based on common gemstone and crystal knowledge. There is never any guarantee that you will feel or see results with any gemstone or crystal.

  • Wearing your stretch bracelet

    When putting you stretch bracelet on or off it is best to roll it over the hand vs stretching and pulling over the hand.

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