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Tropical Leaves
Yoga at Home

Awaken Woodland Retreat

May 13 to 15, 2022

Oregon, Illinois, US

The Retreat

This retreat is about more than just getting away from the kids and life. It's about opening up to yourself and tapping into intuition. It's about finding the space to breath again. It's about learning something you didn't know about shifting your vibe and how easy it is to feel better. It's about being around others who are empathic, sensitive and intuitive and who get you. It's about feeling cared for in ways you don't get in your everyday life.

Every aspect of this bespoke retreat is designed to support reconnecting with yourself and nature, healing from the inside out. 

Yoga, sound healing sessions, meditation, mala making, and a woodland walk to release limiting beliefs lead by experienced practitioners, Kaileen CoxHeather Dalhoff, and Allison Sutter, will aid and assist your spiritual awakening.

Guided self-exploration, transformative group sessions and a focus on answering your personal questions, including ample time for self-reflection, help facilitate the changes you’re looking to make for this year.

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